Federal Bonus Depreciation Addition


You must add back 80% of Minnesota allowable bonus depreciation when calculating Minnesota taxable income. Then, beginning with the year following the addition, you will recover this addition by taking a subtraction in equal parts over five years (20% per year).

Bonus Depreciation Allowed by Minnesota

You get 20% of the bonus depreciation allowed on your Minnesota return in the year the asset is placed in service. You must add back the remaining 80% to your Minnesota taxable income. You recover this amount when you subtract it from taxable income over the next five years.

For details:

Nonresident Shareholder

See below for how you apply the business allocation when calculating your Minnesota addition and subtraction.

Nonresident Shareholder Example

Kelly, a nonresident of Minnesota, is a 60% shareholder of Capital T, an S corporation that had 50% of its sales in Minnesota. For tax year 2021, she received federal Schedule K-1 from Capital T showing her share of bonus depreciation in the amount of $75,000. Kelly uses this amount when filing her federal return.

The $75,000 represents 100% of her share of the basis in the qualifying property placed in service in 2021. She will see her Federal Adjusted Gross Income reduced by $75,000, which reduces the income listed on line 1 of the Form M1. When she completes her Schedule M1MB, Business Income Additions and Subtractions, she will need to add back $60,000 (80% of $75,000) to her Minnesota taxable income.

To determine her tax liability for 2020, she files the Minnesota return using Schedule M1NR, Nonresidents/Part-Year Residents.

Kelly calculates her bonus depreciation addition and subtraction on Schedule M1NR:

  • Line 10, Column A: $60,000  (full addback reported on Schedule M1M)
  • Line 10, Column B: $60,000 x .50 (business ratio) = $30,000

Note: The 2021 bonus depreciation addition reported on line 10, column A ($60,000), is the same amount reported on the Federal Bonus Depreciation addition line of Schedule M1M, Income Additions and Subtractions.

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