Tax Law Changes


For Tax Year 2017 and Tax Year 2018

Our forms and systems are now updated for the changes passed into law for tax years 2017 and 2018. Links to Software Providers who have revised their software are available on our website and additional software will be listed as it becomes available. You can file using these products now to file 2017 or 2018 returns.

If you have already filed your return for these years, do not file an amended return. We plan to adjust 2017 and 2018 returns:

  • For C corporation, S corporation, partnership, and fiduciary income tax returns that pay income tax or composite tax at the entity level by Spring 2020.
  • For individuals by Summer 2020.

For Tax Year 2019 (2020 filing season)

The department’s timeline for making changes to our income tax filing systems spans approximately nine months each year. This process starts in May each year at the end of the legislative session and continues through the opening of filing season in January.

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Since the 2019 tax law was enacted in late May, the department has been reviewing the tax law changes and their impact on our customers, providing guidance, and updating filing systems. We have been working with tax software providers to ensure they have the resources and information necessary to update their systems to reflect the tax law changes for all affected tax years. 

As we work to update our tax system, we are gathering frequently asked questions and providing answers on our Tax Law Changes FAQ page (updated 10/03/2019).

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