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2022 Legislative Session


When state tax laws change, we share updates and guidance as soon as they are available. For the latest information:

    Tax Treatment of Federal Relief Programs

    The American Rescue Plan Act excluded funds from some COVID-19 business relief programs from federal income for tax purposes. Minnesota has not conformed to these provisions. As a result, funds from these federal programs are considered income for Minnesota tax purposes:

    • Targeted Economic Injury Disaster Loan Advances
    • Restaurant Revitalization Grants
    • Small Business Administration forgivable loan assistance
    • Shuttered Venue Operators Grant

    Taxpayers who excluded grants or forgivable loan income from these programs on their federal tax return must add it back to their Minnesota returns. Use the appropriate nonconformity schedule — or follow the form instructions for federal adjustments — for the year the income was received.

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    Current Tax Law Changes

    No major tax bill was enacted during the regular 2022 legislative session, which ended May 23. Earlier in the session, two law changes addressed:

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