Request Copies of W-2s


If you do not receive a federal Form W-2 or federal Form 1099-R from your employer by January 31 – or if your information is incorrect – contact your employer.

Contact the IRS if you have not received your form or corrected form by the end of February. They may be able to provide a substitute W-2 or 1099-R. For details, view the Tax Topic 154 page on the IRS website.

To file your state return, you must include the substitute W-2 or 1099-R and a completed Schedule M1W, Minnesota Income Tax Withheld.

Note: If you do not have or cannot get your employer’s Minnesota Tax ID Number, contact us.

To find the Minnesota income tax withheld, refer to your final “year-to-date” paycheck stub. If you do not have a final paycheck stub, contact us.

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