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Possible COVID-19 Payment Scam

Scammers may try to steal personal information from Minnesotans who qualify for federal COVID-19 stimulus payments.

Government agencies – including the IRS and Minnesota Department of Revenue will never call, text, or email you to request your personal or banking information for stimulus payments.

The department does not have a role in issuing these or other federal payments.

What should I do?

Be aware of phishing calls, emails, or texts that include language such as: “In order to receive your stimulus payment by direct deposit, you must confirm your bank information.”

If you get a suspicious email or text requesting information, report it. Do not click on links or open any attachments.

Where can I find more information?

For details on federal stimulus payments, check Coronavirus Tax Relief on the IRS website.

For Minnesota tax-related information, see Our Response to COVID-19.


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