Claim for Refund


​If the Minnesota Department of Revenue charged you additional tax and you paid it in full (including penalty and interest), you may request a refund of any amount you can show we incorrectly charged. If you qualify, you may file a claim (request) for refund for any tax, penalty, and interest.

How do I file a claim for refund?

You must file your claim for refund within 3 1/2 years of your tax return’s due date or one year of the notice date on your Notice of Change or Notice of Determination, whichever is later. (See Minnesota Statutes 289A.40 and 289A.50.)

You must provide documentation to support your claim. In your claim for refund, provide:

  • Your name and address
  • Your Social Security number or Minnesota tax identification number
  • The tax type involved
  • The tax years or filing periods involved
  • The amount you believe you overpaid
  • Your reasons for requesting a refund

Note: For most tax types, you may make a claim for refund by filing an amended tax return.

What if the department denies all or part of my claim for refund?

You may appeal to either us or the Minnesota Tax Court within 60 days, or file a lawsuit in Minnesota District Court within 18 months. If we deny your appeal, you have an additional 60 days to appeal to the Minnesota Tax Court.

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