Town Aid Certification


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Town Aid is a general-purpose aid that can be used for any lawful expenditure and is intended to provide property tax relief. The Department of Revenue certifies aid amounts for towns by Aug. 1 each year. We base this certification on current statutes, including any changes from the most recent legislative session.

The amount of aid your town receives is based on its:
  • Ratio of adjusted net tax capacity of agricultural property to adjusted net tax capacity of all other property
  • Total land and water acreage
  • Population
Town Aid is paid to towns in two equal installments in the year after it was certified. The first half is paid on July 20 and the second half on December 26.
Town Aid was created by the 2013 Legislature and first paid in 2014.​


If you have questions, email us at or contact 651-556-6074.

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