Out of Home Placement Reimbursement Aid


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​Out of Home Placement Reimbursement Aid is a specific-purpose aid designed to subsidize costs incurred by counties and tribes for out-of-home placement costs for children under the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA). The Department of Revenue certifies this aid based on current statutes, including any changes enacted during the most recent legislative session, by August 1 each year.

Aid amounts will be paid directly to individual counties and tribes. ​​​​​The total amount of aid available is $5 million. For tribes the aid is the greater of 5% of the reimbursement amount received from the federal government for out-of-home placement costs or $200,000. For counties the aid is a proportional share of the remaining aid based on county out-of-home placement costs. Counties that are part of a multi-county agency are responsible for allocating the appropriate funds to the agency once the funds are received.

​The aid is paid to eligible tribes and counties the year following certification. The first half payment is made on July 20 and the second half payment is made on December 26.

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