County Assessor Appointee


Minnesota’s property tax system should be administered in a fair and equitable manner. To ensure this, Revenue developed objective and consistent criteria to assess county assessor qualifications.

Confirmation Process

County assessors are appointed by their county board. The commissioner of Revenue confirms all county board assessors.

We work directly with county assessors to prepare them for confirmation or reconfirmation by the commissioner. The process is:

  1. Appointee completes the Appointee Experience form and background check request
  2. Revenue reviews appointee background, income tax, and licensing check results
  3. Revenue conducts on-site county office review
  4. Revenue and appointee meet at the Stassen building
  5. Commissioner makes confirmation decision

Confirmation Decisions

There are five decisions that can be made:

  • Regular confirmation: Appointee meets SAMA assessor licensing requirements and Revenue’s criteria
  • Provisional confirmation: Appointee does not currently meet SAMA assessor licensing requirements, but meet Revenue’s criteria
  • Probationary confirmation: Appointee currently meets SAMA assessor licensing requirement, but does not meet Revenue’s criteria
  • Provisional, probationary confirmation: Appointee does not currently meet SAMA assessor licensing requirement and Revenue’s criteria
  • No confirmation: Appointee’s term terminates at the end of the day

Request for Confirmation

Contact your local property tax compliance officer to begin the confirmation process.



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