Payment in Lieu of Property Taxes (PILT) for Natural Resource Lands


The state of Minnesota makes Payment in Lieu of Property Taxes (PILT) to offset the costs of maintaining, and the loss of tax base from, natural resource lands. The documents show the PILT amount for your county, how we determined your total payment amount, and how you should distribute it.

Natural Resources PILT Amounts by County
The listed amount will be paid to each county treasurer July 20. Please print only your county’s pages.

Determination and County Apportionment of Payment Amounts
This notice shows how we determined the total amount of PILT payment for your county. 

Apportionment Example
This example shows the county apportionment of the 2023 Natural Resources PILT and the determination of the county share required to be used for property tax reduction. This example is at the overall county level. The distribution amounts for organized and unorganized towns in the example represent the sum of the apportionments that a county would make to the individual towns. The amounts shown in the example are fictitious and do not represent the actual amounts for your county.


For further information and questions regarding the PILT payment distribution and apportionment of the PILT payment, contact Data & Analysis at 651-556-3097 or

For further information and questions regarding the location of any qualifying PILT acreage, possible missing PILT acreage, and how those acres were valued, contact Katherine Giel, Department of Natural Resources, at 651-259-5377.

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