Service Level Agreements


For the Revenue Recapture Program


Your agency must have a current Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the Minnesota Department of Revenue to participate in the Revenue Recapture program.

The SLA defines:

  • Statutes and policies you must follow to participate in the Revenue Recapture program
  • ​Responsibilities for your agency and the department

A new SLA replaces any formal or informal agreement you have with the department for this program.  

Who signs the SLA?

Your authorized agent should sign. You should also list all authorized employees with the authority to add, change, and remove claims on page nine. You may add a secondary contact who has the same authority as the signer on the last page.

Who is our authorized agent?

Your authorized agent is someone within your agency who can:

  • Make decisions or sign contracts on the agency's behalf
  • Supervise agency W-2 employees who refer debts
  • ​Resolve administration or participation issues with the Revenue Recapture program

What if my agency's authorized agent changes?

Your authorized agent's successor must contact the Revenue Recapture program to update our records. Your agency may need to amend your agreement or sign a new SLA.

Download the 2020 Revenue Recapture Service Level Agreement, then sign and return it to us.

  • Email:
  • Fax:      651-556-5116, ATTN: Revenue Recapture
  • Mail:     Minnesota Department of Revenue
                  P.O. Box 64447-RRU
                  600 N. Robert St.
                  St. Paul, MN 55146-0447

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