Revenue Recapture Agency Training


Note: The required training is being updated. Some of the links in the video do not work. To receive credit for this training, you will need contact the Revenue Recapture program.

We want to ensure claimant agencies successfully use the Revenue Recapture program. All administrators and authorized users who manage Revenue Recapture claims must complete mandatory training before access is granted.

The training covers how to: 

  • Access our e-Services system

  • Manage recapture claims in e-Services

  • Protect private taxpayer data

  • Meet program requirements 

This is a self-paced computer training. It contains audio with an option of closed captioning.

Before you begin

Make sure you have your agency name and ID number. You can:

  • Find this information in e-Services 

  • Ask your agency administrator 

  • Use New Agency - 0000000, if you are a new agency

Allow 45 minutes to complete the training.

  • You may pause the training if needed

  • You must start the training over if your browser closes

  • You can download a transcript of the training

  • If you need an accommodation to complete the training, contact the Revenue Recapture program

Note: You cannot return to a lesson at a later date.

Take the training 

  1. Watch and complete the video training. Go to Revenue Recapture Act training.

  2. Fill out and submit the form at the end of the training.

  3. You will receive email confirmation after completing this training.

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