Offset Letters


The Minnesota Department of Revenue offsets (takes) tax refunds and government payments owed to you and applies them to your tax or other agency debt. 

We send the following two notices to your last known address:

Notice of Intent to Offset 

We notify you by mail 60 days before we file an offset claim with the U.S. Treasury Department to take your federal tax refunds or government payments.

This letter informs you:

  • Which agency is filing an offset claim

  • The dollar amount we plan to offset

  • What debts are included in that amount

  • Who to contact if you have questions

Note:  If your debt is for individual income tax, we must send this notice by certified mail.

Notice of Payment Offset

The Treasury Department sends you this notice when it sends us the money from your federal tax refund or government payment.

This letter informs you:

  • The amount and type of payment being offset

  • Where the payment is being sent

  • Who to contact if you have questions

Note: It may take several weeks for the payment to be applied to your debt.  

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