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This guide contains information about Audit Room and Virtual Room, which are part of the Trusted Exchange (TrEx) systems.

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Note: Due to our security features, you should not bookmark the Audit Room or Virtual Room sign in page. We recommend bookmarking this page to quickly access the rooms.

Trusted Exchange systems will perform system maintenance on Thursdays between 6:00 and 7:00 a.m., as needed.

System Updates

Audit Room and Virtual Room will be unavailable August 4 from 6:30 to 8:30 a.m. for system updates.

Updates to Audit Room and Virtual Room include:

  • Email enhancements
    • Emails used by all Trusted Exchange systems (AR, VR, and eCRV) will refer to the Trusted Exchange Account
    • New behind-the-scenes email template will improve accessibility and maintainability
    • Impacted emails:
      • Member – Room Late Task Reminder
      • Owner – Room Late Tasks
      • Room Access Removed
      • Internal User – Room Invite
      • Weekly Unread Item Reminder
      • New Item Notification
      • Room Owner – Assigned Owner
      • Room Closing Notice
  • Bug fixes
    • Multi-file download will correctly update New Items total
  • Other updates
    • Updated certificates
    • Increasing the number of items you can view to 250 

Updates to only Virtual Room include:

  • Impacts to these emails after email enhancements:
    • File Submission – File Status Change email
    • Export Member List email
  • Adding Comma-Separated Values or CSV files to the allowed file extension list