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Cities with a population over 500, counties, school districts, the Metropolitan Council, the Metropolitan Airports Commission, the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District, and certain regional library authorities should use the following instructions to:

  • schedule and hold public truth-in-taxation meetings
  • adopt and certify a proposed and final property tax levy
  • monitor compliance with the truth-in-taxation law

If the Commissioner of Revenue determines that the taxing authority failed to comply with the Truth in Taxation law, the auditor in the county where the taxing authority is located must use that authority's previous year's tax levy and any other funds necessary to make the payments on any of the authority's bonds issued before 1989.

County auditors and treasurers should use these instructions to prepare and mail parcel-specific notices of proposed property taxes.

Truth in Taxation Materials

Materials for the following taxes payable year are available by July 15 of each year. Subscribe using the link above to receive a notification.

Truth in Taxation Instructions
Metropolitan Area Notice Example
Nonmetropolitan Area Notice Example
Pressure Sealer Notice Example


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