Deposit Discrepancies

If your withholding tax deposits do not match the Minnesota Department of Revenue’s records, check your deposits for discrepancies.
  1. Under the I Want To tab, in the Payments & Returns panel, select Manage payments and returns.
  2. In the Select an account drop-down menu, select Withholding.
  3. In the Show section, select Payments and the appropriate category.
  4. In the For Periods section, choose the periods for which you want to see payments.

Deposits Not Listed

If you made a deposit less than two weeks ago, the deposit may not be processed yet. You may continue filing your return or wait to file until the payment is processed.

If you made a deposit at least two weeks ago and received a confirmation number, contact your bank to make sure the payment was not cancelled. If your bank cancelled the payment, resend your payment. If your bank did not cancel the payment, contact us.

Deposit listed in the wrong tax filing period

Contact us if you made a deposit for the wrong filing period. We may be able to move your deposit to the correct period.

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