Level of Licensure


What level of licensure do I need when becoming a Minnesota Assessor? 

  • If you are working under another person’s license, you may only need the entry level license, Certified Minnesota Assessor (CMA).  The type of property you work with determines which of the two levels of CMA you need, as explained here.
  • If you hold the assessment contract with a Minnesota city or township, you need the level of licensure required for that city or township as shown on the Jurisdictional License Level List.  If the city or township requires a license level higher than CMA, the city or township may hire someone at one license level below what is required.  That individual then has one year to obtain the license level required by the city or township.
  • If you work for a Minnesota county or city, but are not the county assessor or the city assessor, the requirements for your position may specify the level of license you must hold. 
  • County assessors must hold a Senior Accredited Minnesota Assessor (SAMA) license.  Counties may hire an individual with an Accredited Minnesota Assessor (AMA) license.  That individual then has two years to obtain their SAMA license.

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