Minnesota Statutes Related to the Board of Assessors

Minnesota Statute (M.S.) Number Name

M.S. 270.41

​Board of Assessors

M.S. 270.42


M.S. 270.44

Licensing and Grading Report Fees

M.S. 270.45

​Disposition of Fees

M.S. 270.455

Refund of Fees

M.S. 270.46

​Training Courses; Regulation

M.S. 270.47


M.S. 270.48

​Licensure of Qualified Persons

M.S. 270.50

​Employment of Licensed Assessors

M.S. 270C.98

​Senior Accreditation

M.S. 270C.9901 

Assessor Accreditation

M.S. 273.0755

​Training and Ethics Requirements

M.S. 273.11, subd. 13

​Income Course Requirement to Value Income-producing Property

M.S. 214.07, subd. 1

Non-health-related Board Reports​


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