Estimated Tax


You can pay Minnesota estimated tax any of these ways:

  • Electronic funds transfer (Online Services) - It’s secure, easy, and convenient. You can make a single payment or schedule all four payments at once.
    1. On the Landing page, select Make a Payment.
    2. Select No, I am not using a Letter ID.
    3. Select Individual for the Customer Type.
    4. Select Individual Income Tax for the Tax Type.
    5. Select Estimate for the Type and Period.
    6. Complete the remaining fields.

Note: To cancel a payment, go to our Online Services page and, under Other Resources, select View or cancel a payment or return.

  • Credit or debit card - Use our Online Services: Credit or Debit Card Payment System and US Bank will process the card payment.
  • Check or money order - Create and print a payment voucher to include with your check or money order. Make your check payable to the Minnesota Department Revenue and include the last four digits of your Social Security Number in the memo line. Mail check and voucher to the address on the voucher. You may also contact us to request payment vouchers.

Keep a record of your payments. You will need this information when filing your return. Use our payment record form to keep track of your payments.


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