Electric-Assisted Bicycle (e-Bike) Rebate


Information for Individuals and Retailers


The Electric-Assisted Bicycle Rebate (e-Bike Rebate) is designed to reduce the cost for Minnesota residents to buy a new e-bike at eligible retailers starting July 1, 2024. The rebate is worth 50-75% of the cost of an e-bike and qualifying accessories, up to a maximum of $1,500. 

Retailers and individuals must apply to the Minnesota Department of Revenue to take part in the program. Total rebates are limited to $2 million per year in 2024 and 2025.

Key Dates for 2024

The online e-Bike Rebate application portal is expected to open:

  • May 1 (at 8 a.m.) for retailers to apply for the program
  • June 5 (at 11 a.m.) for individuals to apply for a rebate 

We'll start issuing rebate certificates July 1 to approved individuals.

Note: We'll post links to the online applications on this page when they open. We can only accept applications through the online portals, and will not accept applications before the dates and times listed above.

e-Bike Rebate Process

  1. Individuals apply for a rebate certificate through the online rebate portal. Certificates are issued on a first-come, first-served basis. The number of rebates available is very limited.
  2. If approved, individuals receive the rebate certificate by email. They will then have two months to go to an approved retailer and purchase a discounted e-bike and accessories. 
  3. Retailers apply the discount amount, listed on the rebate certificate, at the time of purchase. They will then have one month to request reimbursement through the retailer portal.

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