Petroleum Tax Fact Sheets


Find information on the taxation of various fuels and topics related to Petroleum Tax.

Name Fact Sheet Number Revision Date
Petroleum Tax Exemption on Gasoline Sales to Farmers Fact Sheet 100 December 2020
First Licensed Distributors and Flash Title Transfers Fact Sheet 110 June 2020
Gasoline and Special Fuels Pre-Blended with Additives Fact Sheet 125 December 2020
Special Fuel Excise Tax on Diesel Fuel  Fact Sheet 200 December 2020
Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Sales to Government Units Fact Sheet 300 December 2020
Auxiliary Power Units Fact Sheet 325 January 2021
Refunds for Diesel Powered Emergency Vehicles Fact Sheet 350 February 2018
Ethanol and Biodiesel Producers Fact Sheet 500 February 2018
Aviation Gas and Fuel  Fact Sheet 600 June 2017
Taxation of Motor Fuels Used in Motorboats Fact Sheet 800 December 2020
Petroleum Products (Sales Tax Fact Sheet) Fact Sheet 116 December 2018





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