General Browser Requirements


To use Minnesota e-Services:

  • Your browser must have 128-bit encryption. Encryption ensures the security of your personal tax information. Our Web applications need 128-bit encryption to operate properly.
  • Your browser must be set to accept session cookies. Session cookies help the application work on your computer and are deleted once you exit the application. Note: To remember your computer for Verification Code purposes, you will also need to accept persistent cookies.
  • Your browser should be set to refresh every time you visit a page. The screens within Minnesota e-Services can change slightly at any time. It is best to have your computer refresh on each visit to a page so you are seeing the latest version.
  • Firewalls must be set to allow you access to e-Services. Some companies have firewall servers in place to protect their data.
    • If the firewalls are not set to allow access to e-Services, it could impact your use of Minnesota e-Services.
    • If you have a cable modem, you may see issues caused by a firewall system. You will need to contact your service provider or system administrator to adjust your firewall settings.
  • You must use TLS 1.2 or TLS 1.3 security. TLS or Transport Layer Security is a high-level method of making sure that data you are sending us is kept safe and secure.
 Note: If you need help with checking these settings, please contact your Internet service provider

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