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The Minnesota Department of Revenue will provide a link on its website to your free file tax preparation software if you offer free electronic return preparation and filing services for federal and Minnesota tax returns to taxpayers filing 2023 individual income tax returns.

To have your software included on our site, you must:

  • Provide us a direct link to your free tax preparation software for eligible Minnesota taxpayers. This link must also be available on the IRS website and your website.
  • Provide us with the number of free-file returns filed when requested and accurately use the free file indicator in the electronic schema.
  • Email us at by December 29, 2023, with your intention to offer free electronic return preparation and filing services. Include:
    • The name of your product
    • The website to your product
    • Your product criteria:
      • Maximum adjusted gross income (AGI)
      • Maximum age
      • Earned Income Tax Credit eligibility

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