Electronic Scenario Requirements


You must provide a series of test-case scenarios for all tax return types your software product supports. We will not accept any transmitted electronic returns before we approve your test scenarios and notify you that your product is certified.

All electronic test scenarios will be posted on the State Exchange System (SES). The test scenarios include all the forms and schedules covered by your software. You must create test returns for:

  • Individual Income Tax
  • Property Tax Refund
  • Partnership Tax
  • Corporation Franchise Tax
  • Fiduciary
  • S Corporation Tax
  • Insurance Premium

Send all test scenarios in PDF format to Your test must show your software performed the tasks they were designed to complete.

All electronic test returns sent through the Assurance Testing System (ATS) testing process and in production must include the unique four-digit Software Identification Number used for substitute forms in the Software element of the electronic return. 

Note: Minnesota does not allow software products to register for electronic filing only. All software products that register for electronic filing must also pass substitute forms testing. We will not accept any electronic tax return until your electronic scenarios and substitute forms have been approved.

Fraud Leads Certification

All software products must meet the fraud leads standards we set. For the full fraud requirements, please refer to the SES. See our Key Dates page for details.

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