Mortgage Registry Tax Shariah Compliant Home Financing


A Shariah Compliant home financing mortgage is often structured using "cost plus profit" components, instead of the "principal plus interest" components that are traditional in Minnesota Mortgages.

With Shariah Compliant financing, if the total of the "fully amortized" payments (i.e. cost plus profit) is stated in the mortgage instead of just the cost amount, MRT would unnecessarily be imposed on the profit.


Loan Amount $100,000
Interest Rate 6%
Term 30 Years
Total Payments (Principal/Interest) $215,830


  Stated Debt Amount MRT
Traditional Mortgage $100,000 $230
Shariah Compliant Instrument (cost + profit) $215,838 $496



To avoid the payment of MRT on the profit portion of the loan Form MRT-1, Mortgage Registry Tax (Box 2) should state the cost amount being secured by the Shariah Compliant mortgage at the time of recording.

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