Defective Games


You may discover a defective game before or after it is put into play, or after the game is removed from play. Examples of defective games include games with:

  • Mismatched or multiple serial numbers
  • Defective tickets (e.g., tickets that do not open, blank tickets, delaminated tickets [face and back separated], tickets with bad die cuts, bad glue or bad printing, etc.)
  • Incorrect or missing information (e.g., incorrect selling prices on tickets or flare, flares without Minnesota logo, wrong flare with the game, etc.)
  • Prize discrepancies (e.g., extra winners, not enough winners, prizes that do not match prizes listed on flare, etc.)

Mismatched or Multiple Serial Numbers

A game with mismatched serial numbers is a game in which the serial numbers on the sales invoice, barcode labels, flare, and game tickets do not match.

A game with multiple serial numbers is a game where tickets have two or more different serial numbers.

Before you put a game into play, check that the serial numbers on the sales invoice, barcode labels (on the box, inside the box, and on the flare), and game tickets match.

If they do not, or if you find multiple serial numbers, return the game to the distributor for full credit for the cost of the game and taxes.

You must provide the distributor with a written statement that the game is defective. In your inventory records, record the date the game was returned to the distributor. Remember to get a receipt from the distributor when the game is picked up.

Note for multiple serial numbers: Your records should indicate all serial numbers.

If the game is already in play, remove it from play immediately and contact the Department of Revenue to report the defect. (A game is “in play” if one ticket is sold to a player.) Report the game on a separate Schedule B2 for the period and check the “Defective” box at the top of the schedule.

Contact the Department of Revenue for Lawful Gambling Defective Game Report for Games in Play (Form G7410) and instructions on where to send the game.

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