Cigarette and Tobacco Taxes


Cigarette and tobacco product distributors and wholesalers pay these taxes, as well as an additional sales tax and nonsettlement fee on each package of cigarettes. Individuals who bring, transport, or ship cigarettes or tobacco products from another state or country may also be liable for use tax. We issue licenses to all distributors and subjobbers before they can sell or distribute cigarettes in Minnesota. (See Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 297F, and M.S. 325F.781.)

2020-2021 license renewals: Distributors and subjobbers who want to sell or distribute cigarettes or tobacco products in Minnesota during 2020-2021 must renew their Cigarette Tax or Tobacco Tax license by November 22, 2019. You have the option to renew your license electronically using our e-Services system. For details see Cigarette and Tobacco Licensing Information.

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