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Last Updated: 1/13/2012

Personal Income Tax and the Other Taxes Listed as "Private or Nonpublic"

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Returns and return information are private. This means you may see the information we have about your tax returns, but in general, we may not show it to anyone else.

When we say “return,” we also mean a claim for refund, an information return, and any other report or form required to be filed with the department. “Return information” includes any information we have in your file. It also includes whether or not you have filed a return or a refund claim, whether there has been an audit or an audit is pending, or whether there is an administrative appeal of an audit pending.

We can give return information to someone else if that person has a power of attorney or your authorization to release tax information. This is called giving your informed consent. These forms are available at the Department of Revenue. We will also accept similar forms that are legally sufficient.

The law gives you the right to ask and be told whether we keep data about you, and whether the data is classified as public, private, or confidential. To find out what information we have about you, please contact us.