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Last Updated: 11/4/2015

Do you share my income tax data with anyone else?

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According to state law, the department may share and/or match some or all of the information, including your Social Security number, with:
  • the IRS and other state governments for tax administration purposes,
  • the Social Security Administration for purposes of administering the Minnesota Working Family Credit,
  • Minnesota state or county agencies to which you owe money,
  • another person who must list some or all of your income or expenses on his or her Minnesota income tax return,
  • the Minnesota Department of Human Services for purposes of child support collection, verifying income for parental contribution amounts under children’s service programs, refundable tax credits claimed by applicants or recipients of various assistance programs, or the MinnesotaCare program,
  • a court that has found you to be delinquent in child support payments,
  • the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development if you received unemployment compensation or are par­ticipating in an enterprise or JOBZ zone,
  • Minnesota Management and Budget for pur­poses of preparing a revenue forecast,
  • the Minnesota Racing Commission if you apply for or hold a license issued by the commission, or own a horse entered in an event licensed by the commission,
  • any Minnesota state, county, city or other local government agency that you are asking to issue or renew your professional license or your license to conduct business, including a gambling equipment distribu­tor license and a bingo hall license,
  • the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry for purposes of administering laws relating to tax, workers’ compensation, minimum wage and conditions of employ­ment,
  • a county, city or town that has been desig­nated as an enterprise or JOBZ zone,
  • the state auditor, if your business is receiv­ing JOBZ benefits,
  • the Minnesota State Lottery before you can contract to sell lottery tickets, or if you win a lottery prize of $600 or more,
  • a local assessor for purposes of determin­ing whether homestead benefits have been claimed appropriately,
  • the Department of Health for purposes of epidemiologic investigations,
  • the Legislative Auditor for purposes of auditing the Department of Revenue or a legislative program,
  • the Minnesota Department of Commerce for locating owners of unclaimed property,
  • sources necessary to use statutorily autho­rized tax collection tools for collecting tax or nontax debts,
  • the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs, for purposes of locating veterans and notifying them of health hazards they were exposed to as a result of service in the armed forces, and of potential benefits to which they, their dependents or survivors may be entitled, or
  • a district court to determine eligibility for a public defender.
There also may be instances in which the department will assist other state agencies in mailing information to you. Although the department does not share your address information, we may send the information to you on behalf of the other state agency.