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Last Updated: 8/6/2018

Software Providers

Certification requirements

The Minnesota Department of Revenue must certify all software used to prepare Minnesota tax forms and schedules prior to transmitting electronic or substitute forms.

Please review the following four steps to certify your product:

1.   Submit a 2018 Letter of Intent

You are required to submit a 2018 National Standards Letter of Intent (NLOI) and a 2018 Minnesota Lett​er of Intent (LOI) unless you meet certain criteria.

Email a completed LOI to no later than October 31, 2018. We will not accept late LOIs.

2.   Submit substitute forms

After your LOI is approved, submit substitute forms for approval. We must approve your reproduced forms prior to distribution. We will accept reproduced tax forms that match the official department forms. This includes tax returns, schedules, and worksheets.

Use the following information to reproduce our forms:

3.   Submit electronic files

All software products that support e-File must follow our electronic scenario requirements as laid out on the State Exchange System (SES). This includes:

  • Passing our Assurance Testing System (ATS) scenarios
  • Meeting our fraud leads and reporting standards

For more information about e-File, see Modernized e-File information

4.   Submit additional requirements


After certification

We publish certified software on our website for customer reference.

We will monitor the quality of all electronic and substitute forms generated from your software product. We reserve the right to suspend our approval of any software product that does not adhere to our requirements. If the approval is suspended, we may refuse to accept any additional returns from that software product until it is recertified.​