Revenue Organization Chart


Department and Division Leadership


Robert Doty, Commissioner

Lee Ho, Deputy Commissioner

  • Halla Elrashidi, Taxpayer Rights Advocate
  • Shane Delaney, Communications and Media Relations Director
  • Silvia Vaccaro, Affirmative Action Officer
  • Michelle Gantzer, Commissioner's Office Staff

Tracy Fishman, Assistant Commissioner

  • Joanna Bayers, Legislative Director
    • Marina Harrera-Heintz, Legislative Coordinator - Budget
    • Ben Reimler, Legislative Coordinator - Taxes
  • Janell Bentz, Senior Policy Advisor
  • Beth Johnston, Policy Advisor
  • Terese Mitchell, Appeals and Legal Services Director
  • Eric Willette, Tax Research Director

Alyssa Haugen, Assistant Commissioner

  • Dave Barber, Building Management Director
  • Lori Caspers, Chief Financial Officer and Financial Management Director
  • Yia Her, Human Resources Director
  • Business Planning and Improvement Director (vacant)
    • Jennifer Miller, Business Continuity Coordinator
    • Siddhartha Poudyal, Internal Audit Manager

Justin Nieman, Assistant Commissioner

  • Jess Crassweller, Corporate Franchise Tax Division Director
  • Gina Amacher, Sales and Use Tax Director
  • Melanie Leslie, Criminal Investigations Director
  • Sara Westly, Collection Division Director

Sarah Bronson, Assistant Commissioner

  • Jack Mansun, Special Taxes Division Director
  • Dan Getschel, Income Tax and Withholding Division Director
  • Jon Klockziem, Property Tax Division Director
    • Nick Greene, Property Tax Research Director
  • Pong Xiong, Tax Operations Division Director

Cory Stubbendick (interim), Chief Business Technology Officer (MNIT Services)

  • Jason Fjeldahl, Chief Information Security Officer
  • Ted Trenzeluk, MNIT Partnering with Revenue Director

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