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Last Updated: 4/6/2018

Multi-County Mortgage

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‚ÄčIf a mortgage contains the legal descriptions of two or more parcels of real property located in two or more counties the law addresses how the county share (3%) of the tax should be distributed when the debt amount being secured is greater than $10,000,000.  View the law, Minnesota Statute 287.08(d).

  1. The total Mortgage Registry Tax should be paid to the treasurer of the county where the mortgage document is first presented for recording. After the first county endorses payment, additional copies can be made for the purpose of recording the mortgage in the other counties.

  2. Dividing the county share of the tax should be based on the market value of the real property in each county by the total market value of all the real property being secured by the mortgage. Market value for this purpose may be obtained by the recorder from the county or city assessor, or established by the parties with an affidavit.