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Last Updated: 4/6/2018

Foreclosure Documents

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Deed Tax

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Document Type Description Subject to Deed Tax Not Subject to Deed Tax
​Sheriff’s Certificate of Sale ​The sheriff’s certificate of sale is the official document granted to the purchaser of real property sold at a mortgage foreclosure sale. ​Exempt under Minnesota Statutes 287.24 and  287.22 (11)
​Assignment of Sheriff’s Certificate of Sale ​The basis of the Deed Tax is the amount the third party buyer pays for the assignment. Tax on the amount the third-party buyer paid for the assignment.
​Certificate of Redemption – Mortgagor ​When a certificate of redemption is issued to the mortgagor, the legal ownership of the property is never actually lost. ​Exempt under M.S. 287.22 (12).
​Certificate of Redemption – Creditor ​The certificate of redemption given to a creditor acts as a deed and conveys legal ownership of the property. ​Tax on the fee paid by the creditor.