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Last Updated: 4/24/2019

Minnesota State Board of Assessors

Annual License Renewal

All Minnesota licensed assessors must renew their licenses every year by June 30. You must have an active assessor license to do any assessment work starting on July 1. If you work without a current license, you may receive a warning letter or be fined. 
Go to the Assessors Licensing System to renew your license.

Renewal Policy

The effective date of your license renewal depends on when we receive your application and fee.

  • If you submit your application and pay the fee by June 30, your license renewal is effective July 1.
  • If you submit your application and pay the fee July 1 or later, your license renewal is effective on the postmark or online submission date. A reinstatement fee applies to anyone who has not renewed their license by July 1.

Initial Assessor License or Upgrading Your Current License Level

If you assist the assessor of a Minnesota taxing jurisdiction make decisions about exemptions, classifications, or valuations, you must get a Minnesota assessor’s license within three years of the date of your employment.   
Below are the requirements for each assessor's license level: 
The specific license you need depends on the situation. For details, see Level of Licensure.   
Important AMA license information: Once you obtain your initial Minnesota assessor license, you must get your AMA license by July 1, 2022, or five years from the date you were first licensed in Minnesota. For details, see Assessor Accreditation Deadline.

License Reinstatement

 If you do not have a current Minnesota assessor license and you need to reinstate the assessor license you once held, see Reinstatement for instructions.