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Last Updated: 11/15/2017

Make a Payment for Individuals

¿Cómo se hace para pagar? (Spanish)
Kuv yuav them se rov qab li cas? (Hmong)
Sidee Iskaga Bixiyaa Lacagta? (Somali)  

Bank building icon

Pay electronically from your bank account  

  • You can also pay by phone at 1-800-570-3329. 


Credit card icon

Pay electronically with your credit or debit card (fee)

Check and pen image

Pay with check and voucher 

  • Mail your check and payment voucher to the address given on the voucher. You must include all information requested on the voucher for your payment to be processed. 
Money order icon

Pay with money order and voucher 

  • Follow the same steps as paying with a check (see above).
Paper money icon

Pay in-person with cash  

  • Cash payments must be made in person at 600 N. Robert St., St. Paul, MN.