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Last Updated: 6/4/2017

Search for Referred Debts

​There are two ways to search for debts referred to the department.

  • Search for Debts Now - lists debts matching specified search criteria. You can go deeper into a record to view details and request changes.
  • Inventory Text File - lists all of your agency's referred debts in a file layout format. You cannot view additional details or request changes from the display window.

Search for Debts Now

  1. Access your OAD-Agency account.
  2. Select Search for Debts Now in the Debts/Debt Search tab. 
  3. Enter criteria in any box as directed. Entering one of the ID options may yield a more accurate result than searching by name, especially if it is a common name.
  4. Select OK.
  5. Select the appropriate link in the Taxpayer ID column to open the Agency Debt window.


Inventory Text File

  1. Access your OAD-Agency account.
  2. Select Inventory Text File in the I Want To section.
  3. Select Open from the document window. The following columns identify helpful collection information:
      • Third Column - Your Agency's Debtor ID
      • Fourth Column - Your Agency's Debt ID
      • Fifth Column - Debtor's Last Name
      • Sixth Column - Debtor's First Name
      • Seventh Column - Debtor's Middle Initial, if available
      • Eighth Column - Department's Collection Status