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Last Updated: 10/29/2018

Save and Finish Later

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About This Page

​Save and Finish Later allows you to save the work you have done on your request. Once the request has been saved it will have a "Not Submitted" status.

Completing your Request

Once you have saved your request you have 14 days to complete it. To complete your request:
  1. Access the History tab.
  2. Select View Requests.
  3. Select the Return request link for your saved request.
  4. Select Change Return in the I Want To section.
  5. Finish your request and submit. 

Available Options

We will be adding this feature to processes in e-Services. Currently the save and finish later feature is available on:

  • Auto Theft Surcharge return
  • Brewer
  • Cigarette Tax return
  • Common Carrier
  • Distilled Spirits return
  • Energy Production
  • Importer Report
  • Malt Beverage
  • Microdistillery return
  • Mortgage Registry and Deed return
  • Sales and Use
  • Sales on Reservation
  • Tobacco Tax return
  • W2/ 1099 submissions
  • Wine
  • Withholding