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Last Updated: 12/14/2016

Changing a Claim

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Your agency must keep all claims up to date. We recommend that you update claim balances within five days of a balance change. (State law requires changes to be updated within 30 days. See Minnesota Statute 270A.07.) 

You can make the following changes to an existing claim:

  • Add a joint debtor

  • Change the claim amount to:

    • update the balance to reflect payments received or returned, interest, and other legally authorized changes

    • correct errors

Note: You cannot add new debts to an existing claim. Instead you must file a  new claim.
  • Change the date of debt

  • Change or add an agency control number

  • Add or remove a claim hold

  • Enter comments or notes

  • Add a contact specific to a claim (When a contact is not specified within the claim, your agency’s default contact will be used.)

To change a claim

  1. From your e-Services home page, select the Account ID where the claim is filed.

  2. Locate the claim.

  3. Select the Change button.

  4. Enter the amount of the change.

  5. Select the Next button.

  6. Complete the remaining steps as directed in e-Services.