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Last Updated: 1/18/2019

Other Agency Debts (OAD)

The Minnesota Department of Revenue has the authority to collect debts owed to Minnesota state courts, colleges and universities, and other state, local, and county agencies. (See Minnesota Statute 16D.02.)  

Collection Costs

When an agency refers your debt to us, we add collection costs to the balance of your debt, which you are required to pay. (See Minnesota Statute 16D.11.) The amount of collection costs depends the date we received the debt.

​Referred date

Collection costs added to the referred balance

On or after July 1, 2009

​Between January 1 and June 30, 2009 ​17%
​Before January 1, 2009 ​15% when referred and if enforced collection actions or the debt is referred to a collection agency, we added an additional 10%

​Cancellation of Collection Costs  

We may cancel your collection costs if any of the following are true:  
  • Your household income was less than twice the federal poverty level for the 12 months before debt referral. You may contact us if you need the date.
  • You pay in full or set up a payment agreement within 30 days of settling a dispute over the debt with the referring agency.
  • You pay the remaining debt or set up a payment agreement within 30 days after judgement becomes final from a lawsuit you have with the referring agency that was at least partially successful.
  • You establish reasonable cause (a reason due to circumstance beyond your control) for not paying the debt prior to its referral to us. This must be done within 60 days of our first notice.

School and Court Debts

You may pay school and court debts by making a one-time payment in full or setting up a payment agreement. To register for classes, obtain transcripts, or reinstate a suspended license, you must pay the debt in full, including all collection costs, by contacting us and paying with secured funds.

To see a list of your outstanding court fines or citations, go to the Judicial Branch website. All questions regarding renewing a suspended license or obtaining school transcripts must be directed to the referring agency.     

Court-ordered Restitution

If you set up a payment agreement with the county to pay court-ordered restitution, and defaulted that agreement, it may be sent to us for collection. We are not required to provide the same payment arrangements you had with the county.