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Last Updated: 2/15/2018

Severed Mineral Interest Tax

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Severed Mineral Interest Tax

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The Severed Mineral Interest Tax is a local property tax charged on any mineral interests owned separately from the surface land or real property above it.

Minnesota counties pay 20 percent of the amount collected to the Department of Revenue, which we deposit into the Indian Business Loan Account.

When are the return and payment due?

Minnesota counties must file a return and pay a portion of the tax collected twice each year.

  • July 30 (period of January 1 to June 30)
  • January 30 (period of July 1 to December 31)

How do I file a return?

You can file the Severed Mineral Interest Return (Form SMI1) by mail.

How do I make a payment?

You can pay by check using a payment voucher. Mail your payment and return to Minnesota Revenue, Mail Station 3331, St. Paul, MN 55146-3331.