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Last Updated: 8/23/2018

Extension to File Form G1

Your organization is entitled to one automatic 30-day filing extension during a 12-month period for Form G1 and schedules. This is a filing extension only, not a payment extension.

You must mail, email, or fax us your filing extension request by the regular due date. We do not grant extensions by phone. In the request include:

  • Your organization's name, address, federal and state tax ID numbers, and license number.
  • The month for which you are requesting an extension.
  • The date you expect to file your organization's return.

Estimated Payment

If your organization owes tax, you must estimate the amount and make an estimated payment by the regular return due date. If you do not make a payment or if you underestimate the tax liability, you may be assessed penalty and interest

Additional Extension

  • You may request an additional extension if your organization is unable to file due to a demonstrated need or significant circumstance beyond your control.
  • You may also request a 30-day extension for a second month during a 12-month period.

For both cases, you must provide a written request that includes all the information previously mentioned, as well the reason(s) why you cannot file on time.

We must receive your request by the regular return due date, or by the automatic extended due date if you filed for one. We will notify you in writing if we approved or denied your request.