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Last Updated: 2/22/2018

2017 Tax Law Changes

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​Federal adjustments for businesses

Minnesota defines net income for fiduciary income tax according to the Internal Revenue Code, as amended through December 16, 2016. Since that date, federal tax laws have been enacted that contain a number of provisions affecting the amount of income for tax year 2017. Because Minnesota has not yet adopted these federal changes, adjustments must be made to correctly determine your Minnesota tax when filing your 2017 Form M2, Income Tax Return for Estates and Trusts. See Federal Adjustments for Businesses beginning on page 10 of the Fiduciary Income Tax instructions.


Federal Automatic Extension to File

Fiduciary income tax filers now get an automatic extension to file their Minnesota return when they are granted a federal extension by the IRS. (See Minnesota Statute 289A.19, subdivision 7.) This extension is for filing only; payment is still required by the regular due date.  

This change is effective for:

  • All 2017 calendar year filers (with year-end of December 31, 2017)
  • Fiscal year filers with year-end of February 28, 2017, or after

For more information see the Department of Revenue's Legislative Bulletin and the Session Law (see Article 1, Section 3, subdivision 7).