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Last Updated: 5/24/2017

Due dates

​The Minnesota Estate Tax return (Form M706) and payment are due nine months after a decedent's death, as shown in the table below. There is an automatic six-month extension to file. There is no extension for payment.  

​Date of death

​Regular Due Date

​Extended Due Date

​January ​October ​April
​February ​November ​May
​March ​December ​June
​April ​January ​July
​May ​February ​August
​June ​March ​September
July ​April ​October
​August ​May ​November
​September ​June ​December
​October ​July ​January
​November ​August ​February
​December ​September ​March

Note: The only exception to the extended due dates noted above is for decedents who died January 1, 2009-December 16, 2010. For these decedents, a Minnesota Estate Tax return is due 15 months after the date of death or September 19, 2011 (or the extended filing date as prescribed by the IRS) –  whichever is later. This is a filing extension only.