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Last Updated: 6/27/2018

Dry Cleaning Solvents Use Fee

Dry cleaning facilities that buy certain solvents for use in Minnesota must report and pay the Dry Cleaning Solvents Use Fee if a supplier doesn’t collect the solvents fee at the time of sale.

How much is the fee?

The Dry Cleaning Solvents Use Fee depends on the type of solvent and the number of gallons purchased.
For this type of solvent: The fee amount is:
​$43.07 per gallon
​$22.84 per gallon
Other nonaqueous solvents​ ​$10.66 per gallon

How do I report and pay the fee?

If you buy dry cleaning solvents from a supplier that doesn’t collect the solvents fee, report the fee electronically on your Sales and Use Tax return in e-Services.

Note: Purchases by certain types of dry cleaning facilities are exempt from the fee. View a list of exempt facilities.