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Last Updated: 6/27/2018

Dry Cleaning Registration Fee

Most dry cleaning facilities must file and pay the annual Dry Cleaning Registration Fee each October.

 A “dry cleaning facility” is a business that

  • engages in commercial cleaning of apparel and household fabrics for the general public
  • uses one or more dry cleaning solvents as a cleaning agent (including nonaqueous solvents)

Revenue from this fee goes to the state Dry Cleaner Fund, which helps pay for environmental cleanup at contaminated dry cleaning facilities.

Certain types of dry cleaning facilities do not have to register or pay this fee. Click here to view a list of exempt facilities.


How much is the fee?

The registration fee for each dry cleaning facility is determined by its “full-time equivalence (FTE) rate”. To calculate the rate:
  1. Add the total hours worked (employees, owners, partners or others at the facility) from July 1 of the previous year through June 30 of the current year.
  2. Divide the number by 2,000 (the full-time equivalence or number of hours a full-time employee works in a year).  
Note: If you were in business less than a year, multiply your FTE rate by 50 and divide that by the number of weeks you were in business.
If your FTE rate is: The fee amount is:
less than 5​


​5 to 10


​more than 10


How do I register and pay the fee?

You must file the Annual Registration Fee for Dry Cleaning Facilities (Form DC1) by October 1 and pay the fee by October 18 (or make quarterly electronic payments). See the instructions on the registration form for more information.