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Last Updated: 12/31/2014

What to do when you receive a letter or notice from the Department of Revenue

Below are some general guidelines for understanding, and responding to, our letter.

1. If you haven’t already done so, read the letter from start to finish. It will explain:

  • why we are contacting you;
  • if any action is necessary to settle an issue; and
  • how to appeal our decision, if applicable.

2. Compare our information closely to your tax return or other records.

3. If action is necessary:

4. You may have the right to appeal our decision if you disagree with our findings. If you appeal, make sure to:

  • respond by the due date given to avoid additional late fees, penalties or enforced collection action;
  • clearly explain why you disagree with our decision;
  • include documents or other information that support your position; and
  • follow any other appeal instructions given in the letter.

5. Many issues can be resolved without having to call us. However, if you do have questions, call the number given in the letter. 

6. Keep copies of the letter and any related correspondence for your records.