Department of Revenue announces nearly $1 billion returned to Minnesota taxpayers with one-time tax rebate payments; describes next steps to ensure any remaining eligible Minnesotans receive a payment

Date of Release

ST. PAUL, Minn. - The Minnesota Department of Revenue announced today that they completed the processing of the one-time tax rebate payments. Nearly 2.1 million direct deposits and paper checks were sent over the last 45 days, returning nearly $1 billion back to eligible Minnesota taxpayers.

“Sending out the nearly 2.1 million payments as quickly and as accurately as possible was a main priority for Governor Walz, Lt. Governor Flanagan, and the department,” said Revenue Commissioner Paul Marquart. “These payments helped families with back-to-school costs, groceries, childcare, and more.”

The first one-time tax rebate payments went out through direct deposit on August 16. By the end of that week, nearly all direct deposit payments were complete. Any failed direct deposit payment was automatically switched to a paper check. Check mailing started August 21, with the final batch of checks mailed on September 27. 

What if I didn’t get a rebate payment?

Carefully review the eligibility requirements on the Department of Revenue website. If you are eligible for a payment and have not yet received one, a customer assistance representative can look into your situation. Call 651-565-6595 or email

My address changed since filing my 2021 taxes and I did not update my information; how will I get my rebate check?

A customer assistance representative can look into your situation and work to update your information. Call 651-565-6595 or email

I destroyed or discarded my check, what should I do?

Rebate checks are good for 60 days after issuance. If a check is not cashed within 60 days, a new check will be automatically reissued and mailed to the address on file. 

What do the checks look like?

Paper checks appear in a plain white envelope. They will be from Submittable Holdings located in Missoula, Montana and will carry the signature of Revenue Commissioner Paul Marquart. These checks are protected by standard banking safeguards that help detect and deter fraud.

What happens if a rebate goes unclaimed?

Any unclaimed one-time rebate payments will eventually be handed over to the Minnesota Department of Commerce’s Unclaimed Property Division. 

Where can Minnesotans find more information on other tax-related legislation?

Revenue is reviewing other legislation recently signed into law and is working to update the state tax filing systems to reflect changes made to Minnesota’s tax laws. For more information on other tax law changes, visit the Tax Law Changes page on our website.

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Ryan Brown