Tax Evasion or Tax Fraud Report Form


Fill out the form to report suspected tax evasion or tax fraud. Complete as much of the form as possible, based on the information you know.

Address of suspect
Type of violation (check all that apply)
Include how you learned or obtained the information and any other information that you feel is important.
Tax Year (ex 1999) Amount of unreported income Operations
Number of Rows to Add
Are books or records available?
Do you consider the suspect dangerous?

You may remain confidential under Minnesota's privacy laws, but it's helpful to provide your contact information in case we need to ask for clarification or more details.

Protect your privacy! 
The Department of Revenue has taken several steps to safeguard the integrity of its telecommunications and computing infrastructure, including but not limited to authentication, monitoring, auditing, and encryption. Security measures have been integrated into the design, implementation and day-to-day practices of the entire department operating environment as part of its continuing commitment to risk management.
While the Department has taken several steps to safeguard the integrity of our systems, we do not want you to submit private information such as your social security number, bank account numbers or other private tax account numbers to us via this electronic fraud report.
Your name and email address are optional if you wish to remain confidential.

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