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Last Updated: 12/19/2018

Form W-2c

‚ÄčIf you made an error on a federal Form W-2 you have already given an employee, give the employee a corrected federal Form W-2c. You must include what was reported on the original W-2 and the corrected information, as directed on the form.

Give the completed Form W-2c to the employee and submit this information to the Minnesota Department of Revenue. You may file Forms W-2c with us for the past four tax years.

How do I submit W-2cs to the department?

Submit W-2cs to us electronically or by mail.

Submit Electronically

Submit W-2cs to us using our e-Services system. You may key and send your W-2c information or upload an EFW2c file.

If your file is rejected, review the rejection reason and make the needed corrections to your file. If you cannot successfully correct your file, contact us.

Submit by Mail

Mail W-2cs to:
       Minnesota Revenue
       Mail Station 1173
       St Paul, MN 55146-1173
For more information on submitting W-2cs, see Withholding Fact Sheet 2.

If I submit W-2cs to the department, do I need to file an amended return?

You must file amended withholding tax returns if you changed any of the following on Forms W-2c:
  • Minnesota tax withheld
  • Number of employees
  • Total wages