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Last Updated: 7/19/2018

File a Withholding Tax Return

You must file withholding tax returns with the Minnesota Department of Revenue when required. See the table below for information about filing requirements.



 You withheld Minnesota income tax from 
 your employees' wages.
 You must file withholding tax returns, even if you already deposited the tax with us.
​ You did not have employees or withhold 
 Minnesota income tax.Minnesota income tax.
​ You must file withholding tax returns if you have an active withholding account under 
 your Minnesota Tax Identification Number.
For more information on when to file returns, see Withholding Tax Due Dates for Filing and Paying.

What do I need to file withholding tax returns?

You will need your seven-digit Minnesota ID number and an active withholding tax account. If you do not have a Minnesota ID number, you can register for one online or by phone.
You will also need:
  • Your total amount deposited for the period, including any credit carried forward from the previous period.
  • Your wages paid during the period.
  • The dates you paid your employees and how much you withheld on each of those dates.
  • Your number of employees during the period.
You must also complete a payroll schedule when filing your quarterly return. You can view payroll schedules you previously submitted using e-Services.

How do I file withholding tax returns?

You may file returns through either of the following ways:
We do not accept paper returns.

What if the due date has passed and I have not yet filed my return?

File a past due return as soon as possible to avoid additional penalty and interest.
We have a Voluntary Disclosure Agreement Program to help you come into compliance with Minnesota withholding tax laws. For more information, see Minnesota Voluntary Disclosure Program.