Avoid Common Errors


Tips to avoid common errors on your return

  • Enter your name and any dependents names as they appear on Social Security cards. Incorrect names or Social Security numbers can delay your refund.
  • Double-check bank routing and account numbers used on tax forms. Incorrect account numbers can delay your refund.
  • Complete each form and carry totals to the correct lines. If you electronically file, the calculations are done for you.
  • You should file the return by the April 15, 2020 due date, even if you owe more than you can pay. Pay as much as you can by the due date, and continue to make payments until the Minnesota Department of Revenue sends you a bill. At that point, we can help you set up a payment plan for the remaining balance.
  • If you owe, make your payment electronically and pick when you want the payment submitted.
  • If you are paper filing with a new address, be sure to place an X in the “Place an X if a New Address” box in the header. If you move after filing, contact us right away. That way, anything sent to you will reach you, such as refund checks or requests for more information. You should update your address even when requesting direct deposit for your refund.
  • Do not staple or tape anything to your return. Use a paperclip.

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